June 13, 2006

I found that the HarleyZone was lacking something in its state chapter memberships and HarleyZone state forum activity. After thinking about this for sometime now if feel that the reason why this chapter as well as others are not more active is because of the vastness of the state territories and the distances individuals would have to got to meet one another, hold meetings, or participate in events together.

What do you think if we post replys under a selected named region of the state, Ex. NOVA Hogriders, Eastern Shore ShoreRiders or just your local club name if you will. By doing this I think this website would better serve all of us and we may get to know, communicate, have meetings with one another and recruit more members in our specific local area. Then at various times during the year, members of the state could possibly meet other members when they attend events that have been posted on the site.

So, I've thought that when posting, if you live in Northern VA then post a new topic under the VA Chapter, and Ex. Events/Rides NOVA Hogriders. This would allow each area of the state to be more active and let other members know who is in their region.

I believe by doing this we can organize our regions to use this website to better communicate with each other of up coming rides, and events we will attend.

Does anyone have any comments about this idea?