May 5, 2007

After seeing the Miss May that gmcginnis posted with those awesome teeth (all three of them) it reminded me of a joke I heard a long time ago.

This young boy is raised by his father in the middle of the desert. His father raises him all alone after his mother leaves them when the boy is a baby. The old man is afraid the boy will grow up and leave him all alone in the desert when he grows up, so he tells him all kinds of storys about how bad people are out in the world. He tells him that women especially can not be trusted. He tells the boy that they have teeth down there between thier legs, and that they will use those teeth to bite his willy off, and no matter what women tell him never have sexual relations with one! The pair travel to town once a year for supplies. When the boy is 18 years old they make a trip to town and the young man meets a young girl that is a cashier in the general store and they really hit it off. He starts sneaking off and making the trip to town to see the young woman and before long they fall in love. One thing leads to another and after a short courtship the young man tells his father he is getting married. The old man reminds him of the story about women having teeth down there and the boy say's not to worry he hasn't forgotten. The couple gets married and they go off on their honeymoon. She gets all dressed up in a skimpy night gown and slips into the bed and starts kissing all over him. He pecks her on the cheek and rolls over and goes to sleep. Every night for the next few days the same thing happens until the poor girl can't take it anymore. She tells him that marrried couples have sex and he should be proud to sleep with his wife. He tells her that there is no way he is going to mess with her because she has teeth down ther and they will bite his willy off. She thinks that is the funnyist thing she has ever heard and tells him that she does not have teeth down there and that he should check for himself. So he crawls down to the foot of the bed and peeks up under the covers and looks it over real good. Finally he crawls back up beside her and says "You know your right, you don't have teeth down there, but your gums are in terrible shape!"